1. Swimsuit - now that’s a must and deserves to be number 1 on the list.

2. Pack swimsuit cover ups.
A swimsuit cover-up can come in many shapes and styles.  A t-shirt usually works fine for boys and men, and
women can choose from a sundress, t-shirt and shorts, or a wrap.  

3. Bring lots of sunscreen.
Obviously.  And make sure it’s waterproof and don’t forget …. Re-apply!

4. Remember flip flops for everyone.
Women almost always remember to pack flip flops when they’re going to the beach.  But I know tons of men who
don’t wear flip flops on a regular basis and end up forgetting to bring a pair when they’re packing.  Make sure the
kids have some kind of beach friendly footwear as well.

5. Sunglasses.
Of course.  Like there’s any way you could forget sunglasses and have to run to the nearest beach shack and pay a
ridiculous amount of money for a pair of sunglasses because you forgot yours at home.  Of course that wouldn’t
happen to you.  LOL.      Remember some kid’s may enjoy a pair of shades for those sunny days on the bright white

6. Pack hats.
Make sure everyone brings a hat.  When you’re spending your vacation beachside, there will come a time when you
want and/or need a break from the sun.  This is especially important if anyone in your traveling group has a bald
spot.  (umm my husband)

7.  Flashlights
A nice way to end the day and make lasting memories, let the kids shine their way down the sugar white beach in
the evening looking for tiny little crabs and treasures.

8. Beach Bags
We have a beach cart for you to use at the beach.   You don’t want to lug your suitcase down to the beach every
day.  Bring a bag that can easily be cleaned when it gets filled with sand.  It “will” get filled with sand.

9. Pack separate bags for seashells.
If you’re headed to the beach, you will want to bring home a few sea shells.  Bring a large ziplock bag or a plastic
container to keep them safe on your trip home.

10. Bring snacks and water.  Put them in our ice chest and beach cart at the condo.
Sitting in the sun all day is draining and it’s important to stay hydrated.

11.  Pack your own beach towels.
We have bath towels in our condo but don’t provide beach towels.

12.  Beach toys for all the kids.
We have buckets and sand toys for the young and they are easily amused.  If you have teenagers, it might be a
good idea to bring a volleyball or some more active games.

13. Pack music and reading material, just in case.
On the off chance that you get some time to yourself on the beach, it’s nice to have an music and headphones close
by.  And there are few things more relaxing than reading on the beach.

14.  Baby Powder and lots of lotion!
One thing that is great is “baby powder” for removing sand from damp skin.  And when you come in from the sun
and finally got all of that sand off of you, your skin is going to be parched and begging for a good lathering of
15. Last but not least a “Camera”
Capture all the priceless memories that you will treasure when you return home!
Some suggestions,
when you get ready to pack!
Now get ready to “kick back and relax” with us at the beach!
Ready for your Beach Vacation?
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Lazy Surf